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Shan Montoya

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Anyone who has worked with Applicable Large Employers who have failed to properly file their Forms 1095-C, etc. with the IRS has seen letters from the IRS signed by Shan Montoya, Operation Manager. 

My question is simple:  Does anyone know whether this person prefers to be addressed as "Mr. Montoya", "Ms. Montoya", or something else?  Thanks!

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18 hours ago, imchipbrown said:

Why "Dear"?  Agent Montoya will do.

"Dear"  isn't like the word Darling. It's  a business conventionthe way we open a business letter, even if we don't like the person. Similarly, "Sincerely yours" is the convention we use to close a letter, even for someone we have never met and to whom we definitely do not belong.

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