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Human Resource Professional New to 401(k) Plans - Good Overview Course?

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I am assisting a new hire for a 401k client (my firm serves as third party administrator).  The Plan Sponsor's owner (small company) would like me to train this new employee both with respect to an overview of the IRS, DOL, etc requirements for 401k plans, and also issues that are specific to this plan, which I'm glad to do for the this long time client.  

I also think it might be beneficial for this employee, to take a course taught by a professional educator, that introduces someone who does not have previous job experience that involved the day to day operation of a 401k plan.  Can anyone recommend an online (day-long, for example) course for this employee? 

Specific websites, company names are appreciated.  I've searched my local CPA society offerings and done some basic web searching, and of course I'm aware that that there are hundreds of options for specific issues within the 401k world ("EPCRS update" for example), but I'm not having much luck finding a "401k for beginners" overview course.  Appreciate any suggestions.

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I suggest looking at the courses offered through the American Retirement Association at https://www.asppa.org/

There also are other retirement-related organizations with training programs affiliated with ASPPA that you can find here https://www.usaretirement.org/

SHRM also has several 401k-related educational programs that may be better suited to someone with little experience with 401(k) plans.  You can find more information here"


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