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February 10, 2006
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Employers Step Up Efforts to Lure Stay-at-Home Moms Back to Work
Excerpt: "Booz Allen Hamilton, Lehman Brothers, Deloitte & Touche and Merrill Lynch, among others, are working to lower the barriers with targeted recruitment, special retraining, mentoring, and new kinds of employment relationships designed to keep ex-employees tied to the firms." (The Wall Street Journal Online via

Big Firms Pushed to Bear Health Costs for Employees
Excerpt: "Maryland's new healthcare mandate boils down to $1,472. That's a reckoning of what it means for Wal-Mart to spend 8 percent of its payroll costs on healthcare for a blue-vested associate who works for $10.11 an hour, 35 hours a week." (Christian Science Monitor via BlueCross BlueShield Association)

CIGNA Study Finds 8% CDHP Cost Savings
Excerpt: "A new CIGNA study of participants in its consumer-directed health plans (CDHP) found that 42,000 first-time users enjoyed an 8% medical cost reduction and began a healthier lifestyle." ( one-time registration required)

Opinion: Bush's Rx for Health Insurance: Buy Your Own
Excerpt: "[I]f you've been following the business news lately, and if you paid close attention--very close attention--to President Bush's State of the Union address, you may hear a distant knell for the way most Americans get their health insurance." (Chicago Tribune: one-time registration required)

Summary and Analysis of the President's Fiscal Year 2007 Budget: What Is the Impact on Health Care? (PDF)
43 pages. Excerpt: "Gardner Carton & Douglas LLP is pleased to provide you with a summary and analysis of the President's fiscal year 2007 budget and its impact on health care programs." (Gardner Carton & Douglas LLP)

In Switzerland, Everyone Has Health Insurance, and Businesses Don't Pay
Excerpt: "Every resident of Switzerland is required to buy health insurance. If they don't, they pay stiff penalties. Companies have no role. Health care plans are chosen at the kitchen table, not through employee benefit departments." (The Dallas Morning News; one-time registration required)

Changing Jobs, Changing Benefits
Excerpt: "If you do some research and ask the right questions before changing jobs, you may be able to leverage your retirement benefits up -- or at least maintain them. But if you enter into an employment negotiation without a clear idea of your retirement needs, you could actually lose benefits." (BusinessWeek Online)

Health Benefit Cuts Likely to Sicken Savings
Excerpt: "If you didn't notice what General Motors Corp. did to its retiree health benefits this week, you should. It's part of a trend that's making it more expensive to retire, and requiring Americans to be smarter than ever about saving and investing before they leave their jobs. The bottom line: You may need $200,000 or more in savings than you imagined--simply to pay for retirement health insurance costs you never calculated." (Chicago Tribune via BlueCross BlueShield Association)

Links to Items on Executive Comp, Benefits in General

Retirement Perspective: Nonqualified Voluntary Deferred Compensation: Through an Executive's Eyes
Excerpt: "Employers are struggling to understand the implications of recent regulations and executives are asking if is still makes sense to defer income. This Perspective details the impact and implications of the changes for employers and executives." (Mercer Human Resource Consulting LLC and Mercer Investment Consulting, Inc.; one-time registration required)

Overview: SEC Proposes Comprehensive Disclosure of All Types of Executive Pay (PDF)
5 pages. Excerpt: "The SEC proposal is a comprehensive revision of the current disclosure rules that have been in effect since 1992. The rules are intended to provide greater transparency for investors and analysts about a public company's executive compensation. As the SEC Chairman says, the purpose of the new rules is to provide 'wage clarity, not wage controls.'" (Aon Consulting)

Overview: SEC Proposes New Disclosure and Other Rules for Executive Compensation (PDF)
7 pages. Excerpt: "For the first time in 14 years, the SEC has undertaken to significantly modify the executive compensation disclosure requirements in proxy statements, annual reports, and registration statements. In addition, the SEC's proposed rules add new requirements regarding related party transactions, corporate governance, and equity ownership among officers and directors." (Dechert LLP)

ERISA Litigation: Contingent Workers and Employee Benefits (PDF)
49 pages. Excerpt: "Companies that use the services of contingent workers ... need to understand the potential legal hazards that this type of arrangement may pose to their employee benefit plans." (The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. via Janich Law Group)

Newly Posted Events
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Bankruptcy & Defined Pension Plans: Labor & Employment Issues
in New York on March 29, 2006
presented by New York City Bar Association

Employee Compensation On the Way In, On the Way Out, What's in the Package?
in New York on March 9, 2006
presented by New York City Bar Association

Web/Telephone Seminar: 403(b) Plans
Nationwide on March 23, 2006
presented by BISYS Retirement Services

Web/Telephone Seminar: Comparing Roth and Traditional IRAs
Nationwide on March 21, 2006
presented by BISYS Retirement Services

Web/Telephone Seminar: Conversions and Recharacterizations
Nationwide on March 14, 2006
presented by BISYS Retirement Services

Web/Telephone Seminar: Establishing IRAs and IRA Amendments
Nationwide on March 28, 2006
presented by BISYS Retirement Services

Web/Telephone Seminar: IRA Contributions
Nationwide on March 7, 2006
presented by BISYS Retirement Services

Web/Telephone Seminar: IRA Excess Contributions
Nationwide on March 16, 2006
presented by BISYS Retirement Services

Newly Posted Press Releases
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Giving Credit To Your HSA (Health Savings Account)
(DataPath, Inc.)

CareCounsel Adds Subimo's Health Management Tools to Healthcare Advocacy Program

Newkirk Launches Ground-Breaking Education Series Unique New Interactive Education Approach
(Newkirk Products Inc.)

Newly Posted or Renewed Job Openings
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Enrolled Actuary
for National Retirement Services, Inc.
in CA

Defined Contribution (3rd party Administrator)
for RSM McGladrey
in IL

ERISA Attorney
for Employee Benefits Institute of America Inc. (EBIA)
in WA

Team Leader, Large Case, Research & Development
for The Standard
in OR

Product Manager, Disability
for The Standard
in OR

Benefits Manager
for National Basketball Association
in NJ

Benefits Manager (Defined Benefit)
for GCC/IBT-SRDF (Chicago area)
in IL

External Wholesaler
for Transamerica
in PA

E.B. Trust Administrator
for BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust)
in NC

Client Services Senior Specialist
in DC

Dental Claims Auditor - (2 Positions)
for 1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds
in NY

401(k) Processor
for Leggette Actuaries, Inc.
in TX

Defined Contribution Pension Plan Administrator
for The Angell Pension Group, Inc.

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