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Investing in a UK based company

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To tax-qualify under Internal Revenue Code § 401(a) and for other U.S. tax law reasons, the plan’s trustee should be a U.S. person.

If the plan were ERISA-governed, a fiduciary would obey ERISA § 404(b)’s command to maintain the indicia of all plan assets within the jurisdiction of U.S. Federal courts. Even for a plan not ERISA-governed, a prudent trustee might maintain in the United States (and, preferably, in the State in which the plan’s trust has its situs) the record of the UK company’s securities the plan’s trust owns. That includes a certificate (if there is one).

If there is no established and efficient market for the securities the plan’s trust invests in, consider what valuation expert the plan’s administrator or trustee would engage to set—at least yearly, and whenever needed midyear to allow a transaction—an imaginary fair-market value for the securities of the UK company.

Peter Gulia PC

Fiduciary Guidance Counsel

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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