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“401(k) Crypto Case Crumbles in Federal Court”

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The Bakers helpfully pointed us to Nevin Adams’ alliteratively titled article on a court’s decision that ForUsAll, Inc. can’t sue the U.S. Labor department about EBSA’s “Compliance Assistance Release” about “cryptocurrencies”.




Judge Christopher Reid Cooper finds that, even if the Employee Benefits Security Administration acted contrary to law by issuing its nonrule document, ordering the Release to be treated legally as a nothing would not relieve the harm ForUsAll asserts because prospective customers would still face the same risks about investigations and enforcement.

Also, the opinion finds that courts do not review a Federal government agency’s nonrule document if it sets no legal right or duty, and no legal consequence flows from the document. The judge found EBSA’s Compliance Release was “informational” and does not compel anyone to do anything. Rather, it suggests fiduciaries “be prepared to explain how [their] actions comport with their duties of prudence and loyalty—whatever those duties are.”

The opinion observes that the law is unsettled about what responsibility a plan’s fiduciary might have regarding an account that is not a designated investment alternative.

Peter Gulia PC

Fiduciary Guidance Counsel

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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