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60 day notice for ending SIMPLE IRA? mid-year replacement with SH 401k?

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What say all you interesting people - in light of the new SECURE 2.0 rules for mid-year replacement of a SIMPLE IRA program with an appropriate 401(k) w/ safe harbor - is 60 days notice to participants required? 

Typically employers would have to notify folks by Nov 1 that the SIMPLE would not be continuing for the upcoming year. Since we are past Nov 1, do folks think notice now is sufficient? Assuming that effective Jan 1 there is an allowed replacement (401(k) SH as provided in SECURE 2.0), is notice now enough? 30 days? Something else? Seems like there is interest in having no SIMPLE in 2024, for a cleaner break, if that is possible. 

If there is another thread already discussing this, please point me in that direction. 


I'm a stranger on the internet. Nothing I write is tax or legal advice. 

I'd like a witty saying here, but I don't have any. When in doubt, what does the plan document say?

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