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Date State Title Sponsor
8/1/2016  Webcast 401(k) Beyond the Basics 01 - IRS and DOL Correction Programs   FIS Relius Education
8/1/2016  Webcast ERISA 2016: The Evolving World  Practising Law Institute
8/2/2016  Arkansas Getting It Right - Know Your Fiduciary Responsibilities  Employee Benefits Security Administration [EBSA], U.S. Department of Labor
8/2/2016  Webcast S Corporation ESOPs - Administrative Issues  National Center for Employee Ownership [NCEO]
8/3/2016  Minnesota 29th Annual ECFC Flexible Benefit Administratorsí Symposium: Building Your Future - One Benefit at a Time  ECFC [Employers Council on Flexible Compensation]
8/3/2016  Webcast Merger and Acquisitions: Coming Together for Retirement  ASPPA [American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries]
8/4/2016  California 2016 ABA San Francisco Annual Meeting  American Bar Association [ABA]
8/4/2016  District of Columbia 2016 Retirement Research Consortium Meeting  Center for Retirement Research at Boston College
8/4/2016  Webcast 401(k) Plan Excessive Fee Lawsuits - Reducing Your Risk  Globe Business Media Group
8/5/2016  Illinois 2016 ACOPA Actuarial Symposium  ASPPA College of Pension Actuaries [ACOPA]
8/8/2016  Webcast 401(k) Beyond the Basics 02: Plan Document Requirements and Deadlines  FIS Relius Education
8/9/2016  Webcast S Corporation ESOPs: Valuation Issues  National Center for Employee Ownership [NCEO]
8/10/2016  Webcast 457(b) and (f) Plans under the New Proposed Regulations  FIS Relius Education
8/10/2016  Georgia Annual Alston & Bird Health & Welfare Compliance Update: Innovative Health Plan Structures in a Post-ACA World  ISCEBS - Georgia Chapter
8/11/2016  North Carolina Election 2016: What's at Stake for Group Health Plans?  Hill, Chesson & Woody
8/11/2016  Webcast Employee Plans Determination Letter Program Changes In 2017  IRS [Internal Revenue Service]
8/11/2016  Webcast IRA Beneficiary Distributions - Part 1  Ascensus
8/11/2016  Webcast The Final 430 Regulations: Changes in Funding Rules  ASPPA College of Pension Actuaries [ACOPA]
8/12/2016  Webcast Handling HIPAA Data Breaches: Best Practices for Worst Case Scenarios  National Business Institute
8/12/2016  Webcast Why Health Care in America is BROKE-N and What Self-Funded Health Plans Can Do About It!  Ault International Medical Management [AIMM]
8/15/2016  Webcast 401(k) Beyond the Basics 03: Eligibility and Vesting Design Considerations  FIS Relius Education
8/16/2016  Webcast All About the ACA: Manage Compliance so it Doesn't Manage You  The Alliance
8/16/2016  Wisconsin All About the ACA: Manage Compliance so it Doesn't Manage You  The Alliance
8/16/2016  Webcast Is an ESOP Right for You?  National Center for Employee Ownership [NCEO]
8/17/2016  Webcast 5 Things to Save You Time This Open Enrollment  Benefitfocus

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